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Happy V-Day to all
2/14/19 -- Valentines Day! The Missus and I have an agreement: no flowers this year, and definitely no chocolate. That is, until tomorrow when Whittman's Samplers are half price!
2/7/19 -- I take it back, I DO have a New Year's resolution: three consecutive ("unbroken") RMUs. On second thought, make it FIVE.

-- Lee Friedlander: six decades of photographing his wife. Love this.

-- Can bounced checks be attributed to Wells Fargo's current technical issues? Uuhh, asking for a friend.

-- So a week ago to the day Aidan got a light touch of the flu, which is apparently making the rounds through every child in the tri-state area. A week later his cough - and only his cough - still lingers, and his pediatrician cleared him for school. But even so, school wants him home. Trust me - we sent him yesterday and Nurse Ratched called us up insisting we come retrieve him...

I dunno, back in the day I recall nothing short of a severed aorta spewing blood would keep me home sick. Kids these days...

-- A handy guide to photographing food.
2/6/19 -- Luna takes advantage of a rare 60 degree day in February. An all too brief reminder of how wonderful April/May will feel, if ever we get there.
1/31/19 -- It's quite possible that I have an unhealthy addiction to Propel.
1/28/19 -- BINGO NIGHT! Aidan won a football. I never win anything.
1/24/19 -- 35 years ago today Steve Jobs unveiled the first Macintosh. You've come a long way, baby...

-- A compilation of music stars pulling kids on stage to perform with them - and the kids absolutely crushing it. Makes me wish I'd stuck with my piano lessons all those years ago.

-- Ya know, when you're at the beach (or maybe the dump) admiring the sea gulls, I'll remind you that there's actually no such thing. What you're actually looking at are variations of creatures from the Laridae fam. Read on, fellow birders, and keep those french fries hidden.
1/22/19 -- Deep Blue is a 50-year old Great White shark measuring around 20 feet in length (one of the largest in the world, it's believed), and recently a group of divers had the pleasure of swimming with her. Sans cage!
1/18/19 -- Sick days: a thing of the past.

-- Big time product recall on my beloved RX Bars, and just like that I've lost the will to live.
1/14/19 -- Over the weekend we lunched at Barristers, New Milford's newest coffee house. My 10 second review: In a word, adequate. They've got some work to do. Closed Sundays? What is UP with that? My latte, however, was on point and there's a decent assortment of muffins, scones, etc. I'm thinking they ought to up their sandwich game, and funkify things - fire up some reggae, hang some art... add a little soul. But hey - beggars can't be choosers. I'm just thrilled to have an operational coffee house downtown once again. Even a work in progress.
1/11/19 -- So I started following this guy on Instagram, who is basically me had I ever won the lottery. As far as I can tell he's a professional photog who summers on Block Island and winters on St John (where he appears to be at this very moment). No, seriously. The fantasy version of myself. And what incredible shots!
1/9/19 -- Possibly more information about worsted wool than you'll ever need. But interesting, nonetheless.
1/7/19 -- Well it's official: Asparagus is king, followed closely by sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. Adjust your 2019 food resolutions accordingly.
1/4/19 -- Taking inspiration from The Meg, which we recently rented and rather enjoyed, I watched this overly drawn out video about why the Megaladon went extinct. After 5 minutes I grew bored of the narrator's ramlbing, so I scrolled through the comments and saw someone had posted "Thats what a megalodon wants us to think." And just like that, my faith in the Internet has been restored.

-- Analysis: Skyfall vs Casino Royale. Discuss.

-- Pretty sure last year around this time I resolved not to make any resolutions for 2019. But who among us doesn't break their New Years resolutions? So I resolve to not not resolve to make 2019 resolutions... Wait, what?
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