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Do you mind? We're nappin' here...
3/21/18 -- And here we have a trailer for Won't You Be My Neighbor. #requiredviewing
3/15/18 -- Much-needed dose of warm & fuzzies: Steve-O adopts Wendy the street dog. If you're not familiar with him, Steve-O soared to fame during the 90's doing moronic stunts on the Jackass and Wildboyz MTV programs. I remember the disclaimer at the beginning of every Wildboyz episode, something like "... we love animals and would never hurt them." But still... Nice to see he's grown up a bit, gone are the days of dipping his testicles into a tank filled with electric eels.
3/13/18 -- The first Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer has dropped! Heeeeeeey Juuuude...

-- As if Black Panther wasn't cool enough on its own, black athletes have now made the Wakanda Forever salute into a thing. If you see me do it at you, please reciprocate - don't leave a brutha hangin'!
3/5/18 -- Bending over. You're doing it wrong .
3/2/18 -- Fascinating story of a retired couple who found a way to game the Michigan lottery (via Kottke). Long read but totally worth it.
3/1/18 -- Jupiter's big red spot is vanishing? I want my money back.
2/28/18 -- 2018 Underwater Photography Contest winners. Dazzling.

-- We blinked, and the boy turned 14. Typically this would be the age of the first girlfriend, a weekend schedule overflowing with soccer/football/basketball practices, gearing up for Friday night school dances, sleepovers at hooligan friend's houses, prowling the neighborhoods on his bike (way past dinnertime!), and so on. Maybe these things aren't in the cards for him, and that's ok.

He's golden. Just the way he is.

2/22/18 -- You can stop watching the Olympics now, the best moment you're likely to see in PyeongChang, or in any other Olympic games for that matter has already happened. Speakers up! Unlike glamorous (and dare I say underachieving?) downhill racers or too-cool-for-school snowboarders, this one isn't grabbing headlines due to the relative obscurity of the sport. But just... wow.
2/21/18 -- Played hooky and dragged the boys to the Museum of Natural History yesterday. In the span of a few hours you can only really scratch the surface, but man that stuff never gets old to me. And I even caught A and J enjoying themselves when they thought no one was looking. By the afternoon, temps were in the 60's (!), so how could we not throw in a Central Park walkabout? In moderate doses, a day in NYC ain't half bad.
2/15/18 -- Shaun White, three-time Olympic champion... and evidently just another pervy sleazeball.

-- Another day, another school shot up... Bring on the thoughts and prayers ... for all the good we've seen them do.
2/8/18 -- Trust me, you'll want to read this Quincy Jones interview.
2/7/18 -- Jessica Jones season 2 coming next month. Anything to make March less miserable than it usually is.
2/5/18 -- I'd had a bad day (week, month, year) and needed a quick & easy pick-me-up. I looked to Youtube, and it did not disappoint.
2/4/18 -- I guess Justin Timberlake is doing the halftime show today. But why bother watching? You've already seen the best damn halftime show you'll ever see in your life.
2/2/18 -- Something to ponder while watching the big game this Sunday.

-- If you've spent any time around Aidan lately, you know that his cursing has become a big deal. I'm remembering the scene from A Christmas Story when Ralphie's mom is on the phone with another mom, snitching about where Ralphie learned the "F Word".

Ralphie's Mom: Do you know where he heard that word?

Other Kid's Mom: Probably from his father!

I'm not entirely innocent here, I'll admit. But Aidan often uses words and phrases that I haven't dropped since grade school (though he's inspired me, I may start calling people "Jerkass" again). So I'm thinking he's picking a lot of this stuff up on the bus and/or school hallways. I guess it's inevitable. And next year he'll be at the High School, Lawd help us...

1/26/18 -- By now you're probably sick of me raving about all of the G Love performances we attend, but last year's show at the Brooklyn Bowl was such fun that we needed a repeat! So Saturday afternoon we're running into the city for a few hours of dancin' and maybe a cold beverage or two...

You can keep your stadium concerts - close up, intimate venues are where it's at.
1/25/18 -- Was debating the best all-time dunk the other day, and I've decided it was actually this Shannon Brown missed attempt back in 2010. It almost looks fake - instead of the normal downward arch, he just kept going up. And up. And up. Yes, the ball clanked off the rim, but he got the foul call. Not to mention my unending respect.

-- Tortured Faces of International Tournament Chess Players. Love this.
1/24/18 -- Reason #4,358 why we need In-N-Out Burger to come to the east coast...
1/22/18 -- A new space drama conceived by Apple and produced by Ronald D. Moore? Yes, please.
1/18/18 -- 8 second book review: The Midnight Line, by Lee Child. Compelling enough for me to forgive the stinker that was Night School. But after so many books, where are we going with this? I know Reacher ain't exactly the settle down type, but he can't just keep wandering around forever.

-- After I don't know how many years of exceptional writing (and annoying ads), The Awl is shutting down :(
1/17/18 -- Mother: if you're reading this, the Birthday Light is ON! We're treating you to lunch this weekend, whether you like it or not. Have a great day!
1/11/18 -- 3 Cheetah brothers vs a large flightless bird. This doesn't end well.

-- A few moments of jellyfish zen to start the day off properly.
1/10/18 -- First the Coffee House, and now the Bank Street Book Nook is closing its doors. Basically my two favorite downtown entities are both gone within a six month span... Hey don't look at me, I did my part - over the years I was constantly forsaking Amazon and shopping local, in fact did a large chunka my holiday shopping at the Book Nook. **SIGH**

And speaking of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is officially the wealthiest person in history. Remember back in the 90's when Amazon was just an online bookseller? Now you can click a mouse and two hours later a drone will drop a 4-pack of toilet paper and a Kindle on your doorstep. All the more reason to visit your local ma and pop shop. Jeff doesn't need your cash.

1/6/18 -- Barbara Dacey, the great MVY Radio DJ of the past 32 years, did her last show yesterday. WMVY is one of my go-to stations each and every workday, and Barbara's coarse yet somehow soothing voice has long been my comfort food.

-- Was bragging to anyone who would listen that I made it through 2017 without getting sick... nope, not once. An icon of health. Yep, that's me... and then of course I spend the first few days of 2018 sick as a dog and praying for my maker to end the pain... some virus or something has made the rounds in our house, cruelly picking us off one by one.

-- There's cold and then there's this... and if the weatherman is to be believed, tonight will be the coldest any of us have ever experienced in our lives. Is it spring yet?
1/3/18 -- Some genius redid the Kylo Ren / Luke Skywalker fight scene as a 16-bit Konami game. I'm kind of freaking out right now. Spoilers abound, obvi.
1/2/18 -- A David Bowie book club?
1/1/18 -- So here we are... a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate, blah blah blah... There were a lot of wonderful moments during 2017, but lumping it all together and examining the thing as a whole, the overwhelming sentiment is negativity. Forget eating better, quitting nail biting, or learning to play the harpsichord. Let's hope for a 2018 devoid of anxiety and despair, shall we? A reasonable and achievable resolution.
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